Whose to Blame?

I have had a lot of people ask me this question, as to why God allowed something to happen if He is such a loving God. It breaks my heart to hear the stories that children and others go through, but if my heart is broke would you not think that God’s would too? God is not a God that wants to see us suffer, but rather us happy and healthy. I understand that many people question the truth behind the Bible and it is hard to sometimes understand. However, what I find interesting is when things go severally wrong, one generally tends to look to churches for comfort. Prime example was 9/11, rightfully so, we trully where in shock and disbelief that something so tragic happened to us in America. Either way, my point is when we struggle with life or go through hardships that leave us in question of what is going on! We tend to look to someone or something that could help make sense of it all. That is normal, because that is one reason why He is God, to help us to make sense of our struggles. To comfort us when we need comfort, that is who God is. However, the downside of it all is God is generally left with many asking Him why He did not stop it. This question is asked so many times by so many people and truly one has to understand who God is, but also that He is not to blame, but rather I want to help those to understand why it is not God’s fault that horrible things happen, but that we have a choice in this world of what we do as people. This choice is what is the problem.

So to start off with, I want to look at this starting in Genesis 1. God created the Heaven’s and Earth and brought into existence all the physical universe, each time He created something He always said, “It is good” (Gen. 1:4, 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:21, 1:25, & 1:31). This means that everything God created was without flaw, it was perfect, and with no sin. When God created mankind, in Genesis 1:26, we all were created without flaw, however, God created man in their image. The term “our image” likely refers to qualities as reason, personality and intellect, to relate, hear, see and to speak, which also indicates that we were created to think, make choices, and to have feelings. This was due to God wanting a love relationship with us, and when it comes to love, it has to be a choice or it is not love. He wanted us to choose what we wanted in life, or whether to love Him or not. If He did not give us this free will, we would have been a bunch of robots and forced into something. That is not a relationship. It is all the same if you have a husband or wife, or children. The love we have for them is a choice. In that same way God gave us a free will to allow us to love Him or walk away from Him.

We can also see that God gave us a choice, through a warning He gave to Adam and Eve. In Genesis 2:17 and 3:3-4, they were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, however, IF you choose to eat from it, then you shall surely die. So as the serpent or better known as Satan, is tempting Eve by telling her that God would not kill her, He is just hidding things from her. So in this temptation Eve partook of the fruit of that tree, and then shared it with Adam, because why, she did not die. They both were told not too but both made a choice to go AGAINST God. In that very choice, Adam and Eve through Satan brought in what we all know to be sin, evil, wrongful intentions and actions. In this we as humans still have our free will but now we have a free will to choose to hurt people as well. This sin nature is a stronghold over our human nature and cannot be broken by our own accord. It is now who we are, or have become by the fact that Adam and Eve went against God. This change in us does not represent who or what God is or allows. Just like if your child makes a bad choice, our love for them does not change, but that we have to allow them to live with the consequences of said action.

The same goes for shootings in schools. We can take all the precautions we think will protect our children or us but in the end if someone is wanting to accomplish something, they will more then likely get it done, unfortunately. However, that action is not something any of us agree to or want to accept, but if it was your child that made that call, would you still love them? My point is for most of us parents, that answer is yes it is our child. There actions one prays is one that we hope we can prevent. But their actions we will have to live with if unfortunately we did not. Another point with this is even though we are parents and most generally we see what is going on in our children’s lives, but for the most part their choices are still choices that they will make, whether we encourage them to live righteous lives and they choose to follow or not. This same love and guidance is what our Heavenly Father gives us, He tells us what we should do or not do and how to live according to His Word is a choice that we have to accept or not accept. That choice and the results are up to us.

When it comes to things that go wrong, is it not interesting how most of us look to who is to blame for the action being able to fall through? Think about it, when Adam and Eve sinned, and were questioned by God, what did they say? Adam immediately blamed God and the Eve. Genesis 2:12, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate.” Then God asked the woman what she had done, Genesis 2:13, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate”. You see the pattern here. Both found someone to take the fall for the actions that they chose. Is this not what we do when we see a crime happen? “Why God, did you not stop this action?” “It’s the parents fault”, or “it is the kids at the school’s fault for bullying so and so”. “If you did not go to where I told you not to go it would not have happened”. “If you….”

So pondering those thoughts, let’s think about this question, If God is suppose to step in for those who need help and does not, does that mean He did not do His job? Absolutely not, for all we know God could have put on someone’s heart to do something, or to pay attention to something, either way, the choice came down to the person who made the action. From the beginning to this very day, we all have allowed it into our world, not one of us is less guilty then the next. In fact, our earth, our world also deals with the evil choice that Eve and Adam made. We can see that through the tornadoes, hurricanes, even massive amount of animals are dying. These natural or mankind caused issues is what is considered to be indirect sin being allowed into the world. When we told God to “leave us alone”, He partially honored our request.  Nature began to revolt. Our choice brought in pain, suffering, and death to be a part of the human experience. Our choice is what is to blame, our choice is our own personal issue. Could God stop it, yes, then the question must be asked, what was the point of the Garden of Eden, what is the point of free will? We cannot have all the glory and good things, and turn around and throw the mud in Gods face!

Jesus even gave us warnings in John 16:33, ” I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart: I have overcome the world.” Jesus died on the cross for all who sin and fall short of the glory of God. In this world we will have trouble, however, in Heaven we shall have love and peace, just like God created for us in the beginning, but will not have to worry about sin entering in, because all of that will have been done away with. Thankfully God still has a plan for us to call home someday.

I understand this is not all easy to read but I hope that even through reading this one will understand that God never stopped loving us, and He never stopped from wanting to protect us, just like we do as parents. We can see that God is hurting for us as well, if one would look at it in such a way… Satan, known as Lucifer was Gods top angel, God loved Him. However, God lost not only one angel but a third of His angels bailed on Him. Then Adam and eve went against God, and it cost God the life of His son. With the disobedience of Adam and Eve, God has to watch man pay for it every day. You see God wants us to be safe, just as we want our children loved and safe, but in the end we all have that choice to make and we cannot be blaming everyone else for the fall that we all made. We all are loved, but we all make bad choices. But in order to make our world a better place it would be up to us to make the difference. Even if it is a simple choice of smiling at everyone you cross paths with today. That one simple act could have just saved a life. Instead of trying to always look out for yourself, why don’t you help the struggling neighbor? You see our choices affect much more then just us, today is a choice and so is your tomorrow. What do you plan on doing with it?

Thanks for joining me today, I would love to hear from you!