Struggles: Money

Money!  What is that? :

Money can create havoc in a person’s life! I know for me I hate the stupid stuff in all honesty! 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many grief’s“.

Pretty scary thought. We have wandered from our faith and pierced ourselves with many grief’s. What does that mean?

Well for starters I know there are days that I wish I had millions of dollars and I keep asking God to provide it. I even have a magnet on my fridge that says, “Please Lord, let me prove to You that winning the lottery won’t spoil me.” I guess a person would have to play lottery in the first place to even have a shot at winning, lol!

But no truthfully, don’t we wonder sometime in our life, “If I just had more money, I could do this or I could do that!” I know I am guilty as charged!

But most people get so caught up in trying to make a quick buck, or that million dollars that we lose site and in return have many griefs!

We are out trying to find some way to get rich, because we so desperately need it. Right? It is so true, look at how many people are out there gambling, either at a casino, online or buying lottery tickets 100’s of dollars at a time or those at home jobs, if you send in so much money I can send you our latest and greatest at home career packet, for what? MORE MONEY!!

I would love to be home with my children 24/7 without worry of money but that just does not seem possible. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely people who do make great money from home businesses, or even win the lottery. I know it is possible. To get there though we spend lots of money, and some times put ourselves at great risks of seeing those numbers in the pocket-book in red, or worse bankrupt. What are we doing? Are we being so blinded by our worldly judgment that we can not see what God has warned us against? Am I wrong, seriously? Am I not seeing another big picture? Oh wait, that is right if it isn’t in the next big make lots of money scheme it’s spending what you and your spouse brought into the home 10 times over. Now I am not trying to scold you by any means, but seriously look at this with me, because me being a single parent I have so many struggles with money and this lesson is me chewing myself out and telling myself to wake up so I can see what God is telling me, this whole big picture.

I was never taught how to budget so that was my first problem. Secondly I was a stay at home mom for 10 years and then dropped myself in a work place with no prior experience or knowledge for anything but taking care of my children and home. I know being home with my children was a huge blessing and one that I will always cherish and never regret! But at the same time it definitely created a struggle in the work force for me.  Now being a single parent I have all the responsibility of bringing all the dough into the house, which can be a huge struggle at times. Starting out at minimum wage and working my way up is tough. In order to do my job I had to have certain bills on top of my regular house hold bills so how do you come to a place where you can start shaving corners to ease up on your paychecks or maybe just maybe God will show me how I can feel rich!

Being single really does not make it any tougher out there then it does for married couples. You see, money is a struggle for us all, but it can make it more intense with being married because then you have someone else to either help you through it or to yell at you about it. I personally pray that you and your spouse don’t use each other to exercise your lungs.  50 % of first time marriages end up in divorce and increases from there with more marriages. So please don’t let it get so far that your marriage is at risk!

One of the arguments that is continuously brought up is the money situation. Usually not for the lack of but the misuse of it all. Which brings me back to I was never taught how to manage money. When I was a teenager, I paid my car bill and gas, other than that I spent it on what I wanted. When I was married, he took care of it. I wrote the checks for our bills but then he made the money, and mailed them when they where due. I knew I had so much for groceries and gas and the rest was not something I worried about. Now that I am on my own, I pay my bills, but I have such a hard time with it, because I know that if I give money for that bill, then how am I going to feed my kids, so then I keep the money and go buy food, and then oh man I have a late fee now on top of the regular bill.  This cycle is never-ending, and is very frustrating. So I decided okay we are setting up a budget and I need to follow it. If I don’t follow it, then I know without doubt next month I am going to be way far off because of late fees. So I can not accept any change in how the money gets spent.

Here a few months ago our church did a series study on the 7 G’s of our church. One of those studies was on giving. I was so angry that day after church because our pastor talked about how you are to give 10% of your money to the church plus give extra to where God leads you in helping in our community or world. I was not upset that God requires the tithe but how am I to support my family, pay bills, feed my kids and make sure that 10% of my check goes to the church and on top of that give to someone else?  I know selfish sounding. I get it. It really became a battle in my head. I wanted to storm into my church and go into my pastors office and have it out with him, I am not joking by any means, I was angry. Instead I kept talking to God telling Him how I felt about it. I even brought up well when I was married my other pastor told me since my husband did not want me to tithe that I could tithe off of gifts that where money or of my time. I love helping out in the church, talking to people about the bible and baking for potluck or fundraisers. So why did that pastor say it was okay to tithe that way instead of saying God says you should tithe 10% of your income upfront? So as this battle inside myself continued over the next couple of weeks. I decided to try to ignore it. Boy was that funny! God said oh no my dear, you are going to get this figured out and cleared up, meaning God has other plans that i wasn’t aware of at the time.

Well one night I decided I should watch the news, which I never do, I do not like the news full of drama, and really doesn’t float my boat. But for some reason(God) I decided to find a news station to watch, I came across CBN, they had the weather going so I thought okay cool, I‘ll watch this CBN channel and catch up on the news. As I continued to watch it the news that was coming on had to do with people doing God’s work, and I was shocked but thought this is cool, people are figuring out that God is at work. Well it came to commercials and when it came back on it said welcome back to CBN, your Christian Broadcasting Network. Then I go oh didn’t know it was a Christian site, cool! Well lo and behold they had a family on their that started out with just a single guy struggling to make ends meet, he talked about testing God on tithing, he wondered, “how am I suppose to give when I can’t hardly feed myself“. God told him to test him, so he goes ok I can give you 20$ every month The guy always had his bills paid, food in his stomach so he went up to the whole 10% of his monthly wages. In return, God blessed him with a promotion. Soon enough he met a woman and they were married. He told her that he gives 10 % of his wages to God. And explained why, she said well I give my regular tithe too but I also give to CB.  They both agreed to continue with that.  If I remember correctly, he lost his job shortly after and she lost pay in her job. They didn’t know how they were going to make ends meet but they stayed faithful to God and kept up with their tithe and also kept their promise to give payment every month to CBN. I don’t remember within how many months but I think it was 3 or 4, God blessed them both by providing a way for this man to have his own business and they make well over enough to pay bills and double what they were giving God in the first place through their tithe and extra giving, because why? They were faithful even when it looked tough. God stopped me right there and asked me, “can you learn to trust me now“? That stopped me right there and I didn’t realize what I was actually doing. I had to apologize for being so arrogant and selfish with what really is not mine in the first place, but also for not trusting God.

God has not done anything to me to prove He is not trustworthy. God’s plans for all of us are for good, not to harm us. I went on-line and signed up with CBN to make regular monthly donations. I was feeling great. Then out of the blue, a week later God asked me to donate a large amount of money that I have been saving up for our move. I was really upset about it again. I couldn’t believe that God wanted me to give such a large amount. I talked to my mom about it, and once again was reassured if this is what God is asking of you then you need to do it, for whatever reason He has asked you to do this. God will use this and then in return for your trust in Him and being a willing faithful follower God will provide the money for the move. I once again had to sit and ponder and see God’s bigger picture and ask for forgiveness from God from holding what was not mine to hold.

You see this money we all call ours is not ours. It is Gods and he can give or take anytime He pleases. It is our responsibility to correct our hearts in order to do what God called of us in the first place. Everyone is different and God asks of us all in different ways. But if we don’t listen, we will suffer the consequences. You see Jesus said, in Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13, “that we can not have 2 masters”. When we try to control what God has given us, we are saying God, this money is my money and I will do with it as I want! We are worshipping money. We shouldn’t be that way. When we love money, Ecclesiastes 5:10 says, “you will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness!” In Luke 3:14 John said to the soldiers, “we are to be content”. We are to trust God not the world or the money that God entrusted to you, as it says in 1 Timothy 6:17, Paul goes on from there talking about if and when they(us) give generously God promises a reward for those who have been faithful! It also says it in Numbers 18:21, God was talking to Aaron about the tribe of Levi, and was saying that He will compensate them for their service in the Tabernacle.  God is saying When we give He gives us blessings back. God doesn’t want you to give when all you feel is anger or are untrustworthy of God’s word, no God wants us to give freely, faithfully, willing and with love for our Father in Heaven! On top of that Jesus said in Matthew 23:23,  we are to tithe but not neglect justice mercy and faith. This means we are to give but on top of that we are to give of our time. This is different for everybody, We are all called to help but where is upto God. You need to have a talk with your Abba Father and He will guide you. Your neighbor, your boss, your friend, family, and even the person on the corner or under the bridge, could be where you are suppose to giving of your time. Do what God calls of you but do it with all your love in your heart for God! Don’t be foolish with what God has given to you to provide for your family, use it for what God has asked of you!

Maybe this will encourage you, that money that God asked me to give, ¾  of it has already been given back from where I never expected. You see, God can’t lie and does not desire to anyways. God just wants you and me to trust Him with our whole heart! God is God of all the earth and that includes the money. Learn to spend it how God has directed you! When we spend it wisely and how we are directed to, we will be rich! That doesn’t mean thousands or even millions of dollars rich, but all our needs will be met. Doesn’t God make sure to feed the birds?

God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Struggles: Money

  1. Colleen Viter says:

    So did you give the money?


  2. sweet1s says:

    Yes mama! That money was not mine to keep! Or argue about!
    God said to trust and that is what I did!


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