Struggles: Marriage Part 2

Point two:  Your marriage should be first and foremost when it comes to human relationships. No man or woman should come in between what God has joined together.  You have promised yourself to your spouse and only to your spouse. Mark 10:9 says, “Let no one split apart what God has joined together.” So in this scripture, Ephesians 5:31, “A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one”,   it is not stating that you can not be apart of your family but not to let them rein over your relationship. No one for that matter, should ever come in between for when you marry you are to merge together, to be one with your spouse and your spouse only! This is saying that you need to love and respect each other, put each other above others. In the Bible God says He is first, then as a husband he is the head of the house, and the wife is under her husband. I know, now a days its very unheard of. The thing is, if you look at society can you wonder what is wrong. You look at commercials for example, very degrading on a man making a choice. The woman seems to have it all together. The man is the one who follows and the wife seems to lead the home. God says we are wrong and we are doing it all backwards. This is a tough subject. I understand, I made many mistakes as a wife, taking leadership because I felt my husband at the time had no clue how to treat me right, let alone lead a home. I know it is hard to accept the fact that we are under our husbands authority, but if you want God to bless your marriage and your husband, then I would say to start praying and asking God to take control over this and change your heart so that God becomes the leader that leads your husband to be who he was called to be. If something does not line up with Gods word, pray and ask God and trust that God will deal with it. When we pray and trust God to take care of something that is biblical, God will come thru. Remember, we are not always going to get the answer(s) we think it will be but maybe through prayer and trust, you will have learned something also! I would want nothing more than to pray for the best for my husband, I want to be able to have a marriage that is so blessed that it is humanly impossible! I want my husband to be the best dad that my children need! But if I made comments to him or anyone else that would degrade him in anyway, why would he want to be the best God had intended him to be when no one especially the wife didn’t care. You say, well if he didn’t do this or didn’t do that I wouldn’t have to say something to him or talk to my family or friends just to see if I am right. There you are taking that role as leader and almost the one with all the power to change a human! Your wrong, plain and simple. Me as a woman, want to be respected by my husband, and if he continually spoke hateful words or expressed it to his family and friends, it would be so devastating that my heart and self esteem would be crushed. I want to be loved by the one i want to spend my life with here on earth and love and respect go hand in hand!
When your marriage leadership roles are in place, this will create a oneness that is unbreakable. Oneness does not mean to loose who you are such as in where you come from or your personality! But oneness means to learn about the other person, help them become all he or she can be. Learn to know who they are or what they need from and in you. Learn it, learn them and live it!!!!
I can not express it enough! Put them first!! Now this does not mean to put them above God, for God should always and forever be first in your life!!! But learn and love each other, grow with each other, and in return God will bless your marriage!


2 thoughts on “Struggles: Marriage Part 2

  1. Colleen Viter says:

    When we follow God’s plan we are blessed.


  2. sweet1s says:

    Very True, when and only when we follow God’s plan are we blessed!


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